Oct 8

This is a listing of JET alumni who offer writing services: Cheleen, Kia (CIR, Aichi-ken 1996-98, ALT 1998-1999)–Extensive experience in writing and editing in both English in Japanese.  Frequent contributor to to Chopsticks NY magazine.  Currently work as a translator and copy manager for Shiseido Co., Ltd. in the International Marketing Department and also as […]

Sep 21

*Newest Additions to the JetWit Blog Roll* Chow, Janice – Momoko Mashups Iwasaki, Marcia (Osaka-fu, 2001-06) – Based in Toronto, Ontario, Marcia does children’s book illustrations and graphic design.  Read her blog here:  http://web.me.com/miwasaki1/Art_of_Happiness/Blah_blah_blog/Blah_blah_blog.html Mel – (Aomori, 2008~) – Mel’s Adventures in Japan Rogers, Steve – Northern Tohoku Exposure Sakamoto, Sean – (Gifu-ken, 2008~) – […]

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