Jul 19

JetWit Blog Beat by Crystal Wong

JetWit Blog Beat by Crystal Wong (Iwate-ken, 2002-04) is a recurring item featuring posts from the blogs of various JET alumni.  Crystal is a formerEnglish-language writer for Kyodo News. She now works as a media planner in Chelsea and sorely misses all her favorite midtown ramen joints.

Hello, JET alumni! We trust you have all been having amazing summers. From the latest look at the blog rolls, it certainly looks that way. Let’s take a look:

Writer Kelly Luce (Kawasaki, 2002-2003) shares her latest adventures in writing from Fishtrap, a writing conference in Eastern Oregon.

Congratulations to Robert P. Weston (Nara-ken, 2002-04), the Toronto-based author of the rhyming children’s novel Zorgamazoo, who has just announced that Zorgamazoo has been selected as a contender in One Book One Brampton.

Check out JET alum Chen Reicherts cool new boto attack ukiyo-e designs here.

Having trouble with figuring out what to wear for those warm summer days and cool nights? Check out Janice Momoko Chow‘s (Saitama, 2005-2006) write-up of StyleCaster, a great new site and app for anyone who loves to shop.

Last but not least, congratulations once again to James Kennedy (Nara-ken, 2004-06) on his victory versus Neil Gaiman for the 2009 Newbery award. Read the full details here.

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