Jan 21

What does “Saving JET” have to do with joining your JET prefecture’s LinkedIn group?

  1. The biggest threat to JET (and JETAA) now is attrition at the local government level as prefectural governments increasingly choose to reduce costs by getting ALTs from dispatch companies rather than hiring JETs.
  2. The most effective way to counter this trend is to demonstrate a positive ROJ (“Return on JET-vestment”) at the local government level.
  3. Local governments have expressed a strong interest in being able to connect and communicate with JET alumni who worked in their prefectures.
  4. JET Alumni have never been organized by prefecture….

……until now.  So please do your part and sign up for your respective JET Alumni LinkedIn Group below.  It’s one small act of giving back to your prefecture that can make a big difference over time.

Yoroshiku onegaishimasu.

Steven Horowitz (Aichi-ken, Kariya-shi, 1992-94)
jetwit [at] jetwit.com

Prefectural JET Alumni LinkedIn Groups

  • FYI:  All groups below were created in connection with JetWit and not by the prefectural governments.  They’re just intended to help facilitate future communications.
  • Current JETs and Monbusho English Fellows (MEFs) welcome too, as always.  Additionally, prefectural and other government employees as well as residents of each prefecture are welcome to join the groups.
  • If anyone would like to be a “Manager” for their respective LinkedIn group, that would be very helpful.  Just get in touch.  Primary role will be approving requests to join the group.
  • You may of course join other groups in addition to your own prefecture’s group if it’s helpful to you.
  1. Aichi JET Alumni

  2. Akita JET Alumni

  3. Aomori JET Alumni

  4. Chiba JET Alumni

  5. Ehime JET Alumni

  6. Fukui JET Alumni

  7. Fukuoka JET Alumni

  8. Fukushima JET Alumni

  9. Gifu JET Alumni

  10. Gunma JET Alumni

  11. Hiroshima JET Alumni

  12. Hokkaido JET Alumni

  13. Hyogo JET Alumni

  14. Ibaraki JET Alumni

  15. Ishikawa JET Alumni

  16. Iwate JET Alumni

  17. Kagawa JET Alumni

  18. Kagoshima JET Alumni

  19. Kanagawa JET Alumni

  20. Kobe JET Alumni
  21. Kochi JET Alumni

  22. Kumamoto JET Alumni

  23. Kyoto JET Alumni

  24. Mie JET Alumni

  25. Miyagi JET Alumni

  26. Miyazaki JET Alumni

  27. Nagano JET Alumni

  28. Nagasaki JET Alumni

  29. Nara JET Program Alumni (set up by Savannah Maynard)

  30. Niigata JET Alumni

  31. Oita JET Alumni

  32. Okayama JET Alumni

  33. Okinawa JET Alumni

  34. Osaka JET Alumni

  35. Saga JET Alumni

  36. Saitama JET Alumni

  37. Shiga JET Alumni

  38. Shimane JET Alumni

  39. Shizuoka JET Alumni

  40. Tochigi JET Alumni

  41. Tokushima JET Alumni

  42. Tokyo JET Alumni

  43. Tottori JET Alumni

  44. Toyama JET Alumni

  45. Wakayama JET Alumni

  46. Yamagata JET Alumni

  47. Yamaguchi JET Alumni

  48. Yamanashi JET Alumni

Note on Methodology: I took a relatively awkward approach to setting this all up.  I created subgroups via my LinkedIn account.  However, LinkedIn only lets a user create up to 10 groups and up to 20 subgroups, so I had to create a new LinkedIn account (“Jet Wit”) and use that account to set up the rest of the prefectural alumni groups.  Not ideal, but it seemed to be the best solution under the circumstances and given limited resources.  It’s always better to have something than nothing.  I’m very open to any ideas and suggestions on better ways to set this up.

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  • Shane Taber Said on January 21st, 2011 at 2:11 pm:

    What a great idea – thanks! Just a small correction, though. As I recall, we were known as Monbusho English Fellows or MEFs (not “Education”).
    It will be interesting to see if other MEFs respond. Thanks again for creating one more vehicle for addressing this real threat to the current JET program.
    With much appreciation,
    Shane Taber, Nara MEF, 1979-1981

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  • Steve Said on January 27th, 2011 at 5:42 am:

    In the JETAA LinkedIn Group, I experimented a while ago with setting up “Blocks” to mirror the AJET blocks. I only tried Blocks 1 and 10 to experiment.

    I hope this becomes successful.

    I do agree that it is a bit clumsy. There should be a way to streamline everything.

    I own the LinkedIn Fukuoka Network. I’ll cross reference on there as well.

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