Jan 26

JET Alum LinkedIn Groups: Shimane-ken demonstrates its superiority

Regarding the JET alum prefectural groups recently set up on LinkedIn, just a quick note to let everyone know that Shimane-ken is kicking major oshiri and is already up to 23 members.  Well ahead of any of the other groups.

If you’re ok with this, you shouldn’t be.  Now is the time to reach out to people in your prefecture and get them to sign up for the respective LinkedIn Group.  The leading group by next week will receive significant accolades on JetWit.  (That’s all I can really offer right now.  JetWit t-shirts for everyone would be too expensive for me.)

Here’s the link again to all of the prefectural LinkedIn groups along with some explanation about why this is important to the future of JET and JETAA:



p.s.  Also a reminder that there are also JET alum Linkedin groups for Translators, Lawyers, Education Professionals, China Connection, Restructuring Professionals and more.  Here’s a partial list:  http://jetwit.com/wordpress/jet-alum-groups/ (You can also just search on LinkedIn.)

And if you can’t find what you’re looking for, start your own group!  Just e-mail the link to jetwit [at] jetwit.com and I’ll post about it on JetWit to encourage more people to join.

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