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Travel-related JetWit posts:

  1. The “JET-Tourist Tally Project” – An effort to document and track the direct and positive impact of JET on tourism in Japan
  2. Stories from the JET-Tourist Tally Project” – comments about travel all over Japan submitted by JETs
  3. JET Alum LinkedIn groups by prefecture

JET Alumni Tour Guides or Travel Arrangers

(E-mail jetwit /atto/ jetwit /dotto/ com to list yourself here)

  1. Harlem Hip-Hop Tours Smith (CIR Tochigi-ken, 1997-99)

Japanese Travel Agencies

  • Do you know of a travel agency that should be included in the list below?
  • Are you a travel agency and would like to customize your listing below (e.g., include logo, additional information; larger font)?

Just send an e-mail to jetwit /atto/ jetwit /dotto/ com

  1. @TABIT
  2. A-Kind Online Travel
  3. Amnet New York, Inc.
  4. ANA Sales Americas
  5. Boston International Travel
  6. H.I.S. International Tours (NY), Inc.
  7. IACE Travel
  8. iWhale Travel
  9. JAPANiCANNote: There seems to always be at least one JET alum working there at any given time.
  10. Japan Custom Tours (New Zealand-based)
  11. JTB
  12. JALPAK/JTB Global Travel, Inc.
  13. Kintetsu International
  14. Nippon Express Travel USA, Inc.
  15. Nippon Travel Agency America
  16. Samurai Tours
  17. Travel Oriented

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