This is a listing of JET alumni who offer writing services:

Cheleen, Kia (CIR, Aichi-ken 1996-98, ALT 1998-1999)–Extensive experience in writing and editing in both English in Japanese.  Frequent contributor to to Chopsticks NY magazine.  Currently work as a translator and copy manager for Shiseido Co., Ltd. in the International Marketing Department and also as a freelance translator, interpreter and writer.

Esikoff, Alexei (Fukushima-shi, 2001-2002)–As the primary editor at Scarletta Press, a small independent publishing house, worked on an eclectic variety of books, including: The New Writer’s Handbook 2007 (ForeWord Magazine’s Book of the Year/Career), Tragedy in South Lebanon: The Israeli-Hezbollah War of 2006, Willow in a Storm (Midwest Book Award Finalist/Memoir), Greater Trouble in the Lesser Antilles (Midwest Book Award/Commercial Fiction). MFA in Creative Writing, Brooklyn College. Published writer of short stories and essays. Winner, Kintetsu JETAA 20th Anniversary Essay Contest. Former JETAA NY Quarterly Newsletter writer and editor. Familiar with the following styles: Chicago, MLA, APA. Experienced in writing press releases and website copy. Seeking editorship in publishing or other media.

Garone, Elizabeth (Saga-ken, 1993-95)–www.garone.com–Freelance journalist with more than a decade of writing for publications that have included Business Week, The Washington Post, Money Magazine, and The Wall Street Journal. Equally comfortable writing for the Web and for print publications.  Specialties:  technology, education (specifically SAT and test prep), human interest, children

Smith, Stacy (CIR Kumamoto-ken, 2000-03) – Bilingual writing and journalism experience in a variety of field (business, auto industry, restaurant reviews, tourism, interviews, profiles).  Previously worked as journalist for Nikkei Business magazine.  Currently does freelance work for Chopsticks NY Magazine and for the JETAA New York Alumni Newsletter.  Serves as contract interpreter for the State Department and provides tours for Japanese visitors to Yankees Stadium.  Japanese Proficiency Test Level 1 and JETRO Business Test Level 2.  Volunteer interpreter at 2002 Ishigaki World Cup Triathlon and on summer 2007 Peace Boat.  Translation experience in a variety of fields, from short stories, plays and documentaries to business plans, economic articles and legal documents.

Matysik, Julie (Yamanashi-ken, 2006-07) – Experience in writing and editing.  Seeking internship, freelance, part-time or entry-level position in editing for publishing company or magazine.  Previous editorial internship with Cream City Review in Milwaukee.

Trace, Jonathan (Fukuoka-ken, 2005-08) – Soon to be published writer and editor.  Looking for entry-level position, freelance or internship in the editing or publishing field. Experienced writer with an upcoming short story to be published in the next issue of Dream Fantasy International.

Kuntz, Jeffrey (Prefecture, Years) – Writer, actor and occasional translator (Japanese and Italian).

Godoy, Jody (Fukui-ken, 2005-09) – (Fukui-ken, 2005-2009) Freelance writer in Japan, have experience in web and print publications, as well as editing and radio. Specialize in human interest, culture, arts and entertainment, travel, outdoor, and “green” stories. Provide photos. Interested in freelance work as
well as full-time positions starting 7/09.

Chow, Janice “Momoko” (Saitama-ken, 2004-05) – Janice Momoko Chow is a multi-faceted Communications and Marketing Professional specializing in media relations and strategy, product development, digital media, business development, and insight & trends research as well as copywriting and editorial reporting.
Janice’s website: http://janice-chow.com
Janice’s blog: http://momokomashups.wordpress.com

Eberhardinger, M. J., Ph.D (Hyogo-ken, 2008-2010) – M. J. Eberhardinger is an internationally experienced communication professional, researcher, educator, and author. Her writing appears in journals about semiotics, visual culture, art, philosophy, and personal branding. She is available for free-lance creative and professional writing and editing.

Feel free to connect with M.J. at: https://www.linkedin.com/in/m-j-eberhardinger-ph-d-91968527/


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