Auslin, Michael (Prefecture, Years) – Michael is Director of Japan Studies at the American Enterprise Institute and formerly a professor of Japanese history at Yale University.  He also appeared as a guest judge on an episode of Iron Chef America (one where Chef Morimoto was the selected Iron Chef).

Beaton, Hamish (Osaka, 1996-99)

D.H. Cermeño (Hiroshima-ken, Years)

Chandler, David (Prefecture, Years)

Esikoff, Alexei (Fukushima-ken, 2001-02)

Feiler, Bruce (Tottori-ken, 1989-90) – Based in Brooklyn, NY, in addition to writing the original JET book, Bruce has written a number of other best sellers, including Abraham (which appeared on the cover of an issue of  Time Magazine) and Walking the Bible (which was later made into a PBS series).

Ferguson, Will (Nagasaki-ken, 1991-94) – Established and highly successful humor writer with a book or two about Japan and many more about Canada.

Gauntner, John (Prefecture, Years) – The Sake Guy

Greenfeld, Karl Taro (Kanagawa-ken, 1988-89)

Healey, Karen (Prefecture, Years) – Karen is a New Zealander currently affiliated with a university in Melbourne, Australia, and writes young adult fiction.  Read her bio for a taste of her sharp wit.

Hodges-Boos, Meredith (Ehime-ken, Uwajima-shi, Yoshida-cho, 2003-05) – Meredith writes adult and children’s fiction and has also illustrated and written stories in manga format.

Kamata, Suzanne (Tokushima-ken, 1998-90) – Suzanne is a writer of adult and children’s books as well as an editor of anthologies and the editor of

Kelts, Roland (Osaka-shi, 1998-99) – Roland is one of the preeminent experts on Japanese pop culture today, is a professor at Tokyo University, has a recurring column in the Daily Yomiuri (Soft Power/Hard Truths) and regularly hosts talks with pop culture celebrities such as Haruki Murakami and Hayao Miyazaki.

Kennedy, James (Nara-ken, 2004-06) – James writes fiction, technically for young adults, but the humor and concepts are so original and engaging that plain old regular adults will enjoy it just as much if not more.

Klar, Nicholas (Niigata-ken, Omi-machi (now Itoigawa-shi) 1995-97)

Kootnikoff, David (Prefecture, Years)

Leheny, David (Prefecture, Years) – Professor of Japan Studies – Princeton University

Levitas, Ethan (Prefecture, Years)

  • Outside and In:  Conversations About Identity

Martin, Benjamin (Okinawa-ken, 2008-13)

McConnell, David L. (Prefecture, Years)

Popp, Laura (Mie-ken, 2008-Present)

Shea, James (Prefecture, Years) – James is a poet based in Chicago and also teaches poetry classes at the college level.

  • Star in the Eye
  • A former Monbukagakusho research student, James published his first book of poetry (Star in the Eye)  in November of 2008, available on  The book has won the 2008 Fence Modern Poets Series Prize and was also named as one of the “Favorite Books of 2008” by the Chicago Sun Times.


Sparling, Eric (Prefecture, Years)

  • Japan Diary:  A Year on JET (2005) – When journalist Eric Sparling and his wife Tanya accepted teaching positions with the JET program in Japan, they had no idea what they were getting into. During his second year in Japan, Eric wrote a bi-weekly column for the Peterborough Examiner, a newspaper in Ontario. Now the Japan Diary has been compiled in one volume. Includes previously unpublished photos not found in the original column.

Tessler, Manya (Prefecture, Years) – Manya is both a children’s book author and illustrator, using beautiful Japan-influenced techniques in her illustration style.

Weston, Robert P. (Nara-ken, 2002-04) – Rob writes children’s/young adult fiction, in rhyming novel form in the case of Zorgamazoo, which has now won numerous awards in its category.

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