Mar 24

Just after the JET Alumni Author Showcase, I was fortunate to be contacted by another JET alum author–Karl Taro Greenfeld (Kanagawa-ken, 1988-89)–of whom I was previously unaware.  It turns out that in addition to writing a number of books, including Speed Tribes:  Days and Nights With Japan’s Next Generation, Karl previously served as the editor for Tokyo Journal and TIME Asia.

On one hand I was regretful and a bit embarrassed that I somehow missed Karl in compiling the list of all JET Alum Authors posted on JetWit that served as the basis for organizing the JET Alumni Author Showcase.  But on the other hand, I recognized that JetWit and the JET alum community is a work in progress, and I’m very happy to now know about yet another established author out there in the JETAA-sphere and be able to let the rest of the JET alum community know about him as well.

Here’s a more complete listing of Karl’s work:

Greenfeld, Karl Taro (Kanagawa-ken, 1988-89)

Click here for a list of all of the JET alum authors of which JetWit is aware.  (Feel free to get in touch if there are any others that are not listed.)

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