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Job: Translator or Global Human Resources Specialist Positions – ARKRAY, Inc. (Kyoto, Japan)

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Job Title: Translator OR Global Human Resources Specialist
Posted by: ARKRAY, Inc.
Location: Kyoto, Japan
Contract: Full-Time

Thanks to JETAADC for the following two job openings with ARKRAY, Inc. Kyoto Laboratory:

We are currently looking for a native English speaker who can also speak Japanese (business level) to work with us at ARKRAY. We have 2 job postings we would like to share with you. Please find the job description below, and feel free to ask us any additional questions there may be regarding the position.

Translator (EN JP) job description

GHR job description

To give you a brief self-introduction of our company, ARKRAY is a medical device maker mainly involved in the production of clinical analysis devices. (Our HP can give you more details.) We have established affiliates in more than 12 countries all over the world, and are still seeking to expand our needs to more countries worldwide. Our main responsibility is to communicate with these global affiliates through interpreting to support their meetings/ HR issues. We find people with such impressive experiences at the JET program more than suitable for the position and they can be able to broaden their multi-lingual skills through this position at ARKRAY.

Application Process: If there are any people interested, please have them contact me directly (fukuis@arkray.co.jp) or our team e-mail (ghr@arkray.co.jp) with a resume attached.

Conditions such as salary are negotiable, depending on experience. We also offer benefits such as housing allowances and moving fees under certain circumstances.

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