May 13

Akita Global Network Blog

Akita Prefecture has been publishing a newsletter for the last few years (which has been posted to JETwit) in an effort to stay connected with the community of foreigners who have lived in Akita.  Now it’s a blog, and there’s a way for all current and former Akita denizens to contribute. To learn more contact saito-sayori [at] 

Also a reminder you can join the Akita Prefecture JET Alumni group on LinkedIn to connect with other Akita JETs.  And here’s the link to see all of the Prectural JET Alumni groups on LinkedIn.


Akita Global Network Blog


Akita Global Network aims at maintaining an ongoing relationship between Akita Prefecture and foreign people who have been associated with Akita through international exchange projects, etc. We share information about Akita and foreign countries contributed from Akita Global Network members.



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