May 13

Akita Global Network Blog

Akita Prefecture has been publishing a newsletter for the last few years (which has been posted to JETwit) in an effort to stay connected with the community of foreigners who have lived in Akita.  Now it’s a blog, and there’s a way for all current and former Akita denizens to contribute. To learn more contact […]

Jan 1

Akita Global Network Newsletter – Vol 6

Thanks to Akita Prefecture for sending out the latest volume of its Akita Global Network Newsletter: We’ve just published the latest Akita Global Network newsletter,vol.6.  You can read here: Please share it with your family and friends.  Have a nice holidays! ******************** 秋田県企画振興部学術国際局国際課 Akita Prefectural Government 主事 齋藤 小夜里 Sayori SAITO ******************** あきたファンどっとこむ!

Feb 7

Akita Global Network Newsletter – Vol 2

Hot off the presses, it’s Volume 2 of the Akita Prefecture Global Network Newsletter (“AGN”).  This newsletter is part of Akita-ken’s efforts to stay connected with its JET alumni as well as study abroad students who were based in Akita-ken.  And this issue features an essay by Dan Dooher (Akita-ken, 2006-10) To get on the […]

Nov 13

Via Dan Dooher (Akita-ken, 2006-10): After reading your most recent JetWit Diary post, I wanted to share with you something Akita Prefecture has just recently started: The Prefecture’s International Affairs Division is trying to reconnect Akita JET alumni and study abroad students with the prefecture via a bi-monthly newsletter called, “Akita Global Network.” In the […]

Mar 6

By Filmore Ha (Ibaraki-ken, 2006-08).  Filmore continues to live and work in the Greater Tokyo Area as an FAE and is also webmaster for JETAA Tokyo.  He is actively seeking new opportunities in the U.S. or Canada. Akita Global Network Newsletter Vol. 5 Akita Prefecture released their latest news letter on 2/27.  The AGN itself serves as a […]

Oct 30

Update 11/10/10: Had a nice email exchange with Carlo Capua (Niigata-ken, 2000-02) who is on the Board of Directors for Sister Cities International, a global network of 2000+ cities who do exchanges with each other at different levels – teacher, humanitarian, governmental, elected official, etc.  According to Carlo, SCI is in almost 200 countries around […]

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