Mar 6

By Filmore Ha (Ibaraki-ken, 2006-08).  Filmore continues to live and work in the Greater Tokyo Area as an FAE and is also webmaster for JETAA Tokyo.  He is actively seeking new opportunities in the U.S. or Canada.

  • Akita Global Network Newsletter Vol. 5
    Akita Prefecture released their latest news letter on 2/27.  The AGN itself serves as a bridge to keep foreigners who have associated with Akita Prefecture up to date on the latest developments in the prefecture.  The above link will take you two a page with two PDFs, one Eng. and one Jpn.  If you prefer to receive the newsletter directly you will also find instructions to do so on this page.
  • JLGC Newsletter #72
    The Japan Local Government Center in NY also released it’s 72nd newsletter last month.  Of note are comments from participants on the 2011 Clair Fellowship Exchange Program, and a report about the JETAA International Meeting and their volunteer trip to Rikuzentakata.
  • Japaninfo Flash
    The Consulate of Japan in NY published an issue of it’s Japaninfo Flash newsletter with information on Japan Society events commemorating the 1 year anniversary of the 3.11 Earthquake come up next week.
  • Doshinsha MBA Program
    From Terry Vo, JET Program and MEXT Coordinator in Nashville, Doshinsha University in Kyoto is seeking former JETs to join it’s MBA Program.  There are several former JETs on the program already, one is graduating soon, and several more will start in quarter 4 of this year.  In addition there are also scholarship opportunities for those interested in the program.  For more information, check out the link.
  • Sake World Newsletter #142
    Are you a Sake lover?  If so, checkout the Sake World Newsletter and be sure to subscribe.  It’s choc full of interesting tidbits about Sake and brewing!
  • Win a pair of tickets to Japan via ANA
    This has made the rounds on the net recently, so you may have already seen it.  All Nippon Airways is running a campaign through March 31st where they will award a pair of tickets to Japan by lottery.  To register you simply need to fill out a form so go check it out!
  • Texoma JETAA Trivia Night
    The Texas/Oklahoma chapter of JETAA is having their first ever Trivia night at a local Houston pub for anyone in the area who is  interested.  The event is on Wednesday, March 7th from 7pm to 9pm.  For more details check out the link.

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