JET Alum Groups

Below is a list of various JET alum sub-groups.

*Did we leave one out?  E-mail jetwit [at] so we can add it.

*If you don’t see what you’re looking for, feel free to step up and create the group yourself.  All you have to do is create a Yahoo, Google, Facebook or LinkedIn group.  JetWIT will be happy to post about it and help get the word out.

*If you request to join a group on LinkedIn, sometimes we don’t see it right away since we’ve set up so many groups. Feel free to email jetwit [at] and tell us to check a specific group or groups for your request after you’ve made the request.

*A note on LinkedIn:  Feel free to Linkin with me if you think it might be helpful with your job search/networking.  I’m linked to a large number of JETs and JET alumni which can be helpful for tracking down and connecting with other alumni in various fields.



  • JETAA Book Clubs
    • JETAA NY – Katrina Barnas and Jill Schimmel
    • JETAA DC – Dan Knowlton
    • JETAA Portland – Lynette Yasuda
    • JETAA Northern California – Melissa Chan

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