Nov 12

googlewaveI just got an invite to Google Wave and started playing around with it.  And I noticed that one feature is a simultaneous translator they call Rosy Etta.  The concept is that it translates in real time as you type an email or chat with someone.  (Email and chat are actually kind of fused together in Google Wave which is part of the big picture concept.)  Essentially, this means that you can theoretically have a conversation in English over email with someone else who speaks no English.

The relevant question to JetWit readers: How effective and accurate is Rosy Etta for English-Japanese?  Have any JetWit readers had a chance to try it out?

A second question: What implications, if any, are there for professional translators?  (or JETs for that matter)

Share your thoughts and experiences so far in the comments section.  And if you’re on Google Wave, feel free to start a “wave” with me as well at stevenwaseda [/atto/] googlewave [/dotto/] com.

Lastly, here’s a video about Rosy Etta where you get to see it work with a very basic example:

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  • Joel Said on November 16th, 2009 at 10:14 pm:

    Still waiting for an invite …
    Sounds fun but I wonder about its practicality

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