Dec 5

Haiku Challenge! #1 – “Fewmets”

Welcome to the first JetWit Haiku Challenge! The challenge is to submit one or more haiku using the designated word.  The best haiku submitted wins the prize.

This week’s challenge will be judged by James Kennedy (Nara-ken, 2004-06), author of The Order of Odd-Fish.

  • Designated word (chosen by James):  “Fewmets (a Medieval English word that means the droppings of an animal, by which the hunter identifies the prey.  Mentioned in Madeleine L’Engle’s A Wind In The Door, specifically as dragon droppings.)
  • Deadline:  Thursday, December 11, before 5:00p.m. EST
  • Prize:  Free copy of The Order of Odd-Fish mailed to you.
  • Form: Haiku are typically 5-7-5 and have a seasonal reference.  Though the form actually has a fair amount of flexibility.  Ultimately, James is the judge.  If you look at his website or read a page from his book, you’ll get a pretty quick read on his sensibilities.
  • E-mail responses tojetwit /atto/ jetwit /dotto/ com

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