Nov 30

Book: Zorgamazoo – by R.P. Weston (Nara-ken, 2002-04)

I just learned about another JET alum author named Rob Weston (Nara-ken, 2002-04), currently a resident of Toronto, thanks to JETAA DC newsletter chair Gina Anderson (Nara-ken, 2003-05).

Rob is the author of Zorgamazoo, a “rhyming, rhythmical tale of Katrina, a girl with a big heart and an even bigger imagination” published this year by Penguin Books and available via Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Powells.

If the website for the book ( is any indication, then the book seems like an exceedingly fun read for adults as well as children.  (Plus, I read the free excerpt and it turns out it is as fun as the website.)

You can also follow Rob’s blog at

FYI, to see a list of all JET alum authors (of which JetWit is aware), go to  And if you know of any others, be a good JET alum and send an e-mail to jetwit /att/ jetwit /dotto/ com.

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