Jun 26

23 students from Taylor Anderson’s high school to visit Ishinomaki as part of Japanese government sponsored exchange program

Thanks to Andy Anderson for sharing the information about this exchange.

Twenty-three students from Taylor Anderson’s high school, St. Catherine’s, will be visiting Japan, including Ishinomaki, as part of “The Kizuna Project.”  The Kizuna Project, sponsored by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, is sending around  1,000 American high school students to Japan this summer for a 2-week trip including sightseeing, a homestay with a Japanese family, and volunteering in the Tohoku area. All expenses – transportation, lodging, food – are covered by the Japanese government.

The Kizuna Project is being coordinated by the Laurasian Institution in Seattle (where JET alum Megan Bernard works and is very involved in the project) as well as the Center for Global Partnership in Tokyo.

Jun 11

Students from Taylor and Monty’s high schools to visit the US

The below article appeared recently in the US-based Japanese language newspaper Frontline.  Thanks to a helpful, bilingual JETwit supporter for sharing this and providing a summary in English:

“It basically says that 1,000 high school kids from 40 schools in the US will visit Japan in three groups from June 10th to the end of July.  The group will include students from Taylor and Monty’s alma maters.  They will do volunteer work in Tohoku and will visit Ishinomaki and Rikuzentakata (you can see the reference to Taylor, Monty, & JET in the third paragraph).  The three main groups will evidently break  up into smaller groups of 25 while in Japan and will move around among visits to places like temporary housing and volunteer work sites, and they are planning to visit Fukushima-ken to conduct radiation testing on newly harvested produce (that’s really interesting). They will also visit Kobe to see the recovery there from the Hanshin earthquake.”

★ 米高校生ら1000人、被災地へ 10日から訪日、交流



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