Jun 25

Posted by: Doug Tassin (Fukushima-Ken ALT, 2007-2010 & Krewe of Japan Podcast Co-Host)

This week on the Krewe of Japan Podcast

Did you know New Orleans is the home to the Gulf Coast’s only sake brewery? The Krewe didn’t until a few weeks ago! Nigel & Doug sit down reminisce about their first encounters with sake before sitting down for a sake deep dive with Brian Ashcraft, author of the award winning Japanese Sake Bible. Brian talks about what led to his interest in Japan and sake, shares some behind-the-scenes info into the creation of his comprehensive guide to Japanese rice wine, and provides insight on things that all sake enthusiasts need to know. Kanpai!

And check out last week’s episode in case you missed it! Episode 19Greatest Anime of All-Time pt. 3 – Modern Day Anime (2010 – present) – closes out the anime mini-series, spotlighting some of the biggest anime of today (we’re looking at you Demon Slayer, Attack on Titan, & My Hero Academia). The Krewe also digs into how sub-genres took the main stage and how streaming platforms completely changed the game.

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