Jun 23

Saw news about this on the JETAA DC yahoogroup:

CULCON (U.S.-Japan Conference on Cultural and Educational Interchange), a binational advisory panel to the U.S. and Japanese governments, recently created a new page on its website that is a clearinghouse for information about Japan and may be useful to many JETs and alumni.  (Notably, JET alum Paige Cottingham-Streater is the Secretary-General for CULCON.)

According to the site:

The U.S.-Japan Resources section of this website is divided into the categories below.  In some instances a specific institution or program will be listed under more than one category.  In general, this section on resources is designed for an American audience.

These are all non-profit, educational or government-sponsored programs and organizations.   There are also some instances of private sector resources when the company is providing a free database.  If you would like to suggest we list an additional resource, please send the name, URL and a brief description to:  culcon@jusfc.gov.

CULCON provides this list as an informational resource only; inclusion on this list is neither an endorsement nor a recommendation of any specific organization or program.

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