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【RocketNews24】Japanese fans: New American Godzilla is “too fat”

Posted by Michelle Lynn Dinh (Shimane-ken, Chibu-mura, 2010–13), editor and writer for RocketNews24The following article was written by Jessica, a writer and translator for RocketNews24, a Japan-based site dedicated to bringing fun and quirky news from Asia to English speaking audiences.

Japanese fans- New American Godzilla is “too fat”

Fans of monster movies or big Hollywood blockbusters are no doubt aware that a reboot of the famous Godzilla franchise is due to hit theaters next month. As you might imagine for a movie featuring one of their most beloved pop culture icons, the Japanese are deeply interested in how America is going to bring their national kaiju to the screen.

When clear pictures of the creature hit the net this week, the response was probably not what studio execs were hoping for. Some Japanese fans are apparently calling this incarnation of Godzilla “fat”. Ouch.

The pictures, released by Warner Legendary through the Los Angeles Times, were immediately picked up by fan sites here in Japan. While some commenters said this Godzilla looked stronger than his ancestor, others were not as impressed.

“He’s so fat, I laughed.”

“Where’s his neck?”

“He’s gone and supersized himself!”

“I’m not surprised. A spare tire is expected in middle age.”

“Gee, even Godzilla has metabolic syndrome these days…”

Sure, this Godzilla is much larger than his predecessors, but I’m not sure calling him fat is a good idea. Even gigantic lizard monsters have feelings, you guys. And do you really want to make a 100-meter-tall reptilian sea beast more angry?

Japanese fans- New American Godzilla is “too fat”2

Source and images: Itai News

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