Jan 13

@API Issue #004, the Asian Pacific Islander AJET webzine

Posted by Albert David Valderrama (Ibaraki-ken, 2010-present), JET Programme ALT/PA, co-founder and National Co-Representative of API AJET, and Chief Editor of @API.

@API Issue #004 is out now! Read the full issue at goo.gl/NDIFEs or click the image below.

@API Issue #004

@API Issue #004

Inside this issue:

  • A reflective essay by JET alumna, Melody Wong, API AJET co-founder and former National Co-Representative.
  • A report on the “Ganbappe Philippines Charity Event” in Fukushima.
  • A bilingual interview with Arturo Toyama Higuchi, CIR from Peru (courtesy of the CIR Network).
  • And many more!

What is @API?

@API” is a web-based magazine put together by contributors and members of the Asian Pacific Islander Association for Japan Exchange and Teaching (API AJET).

What is API AJET?

Asian Pacific Islander AJET (API AJET) was created during the summer of 2012 following many talks about the specific issues the API community faces.

This special interest group (SIG) aims to create a supportive environment for all APIs living in Japan. We also hope to increase awareness about API issues and incite dialogue among curious JETs and non-JETs. Furthermore, API AJET hopes to act as a tangible resource for anyone interested in understanding an API’s unique perspective (as a foreigner) in Japan.

The group is open to all. Join to share, discuss, and learn about the API experience. Membership is free!

For more information go to our website at api.ajet.net, email us at api[at]ajet.net, or find API AJET on Facebook and Google+.

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