This is a listing of JET alumni who offer translation/interpretation services.  Click the person’s name for a more detailed profile:

Cheleen, Kia (CIR, Aichi-ken 1996-98, ALT 1998-1999) – Seasoned Japanese-English translator and interpreter with experience working in the Japanese government and for the United Nations.  Translation and interpreting topic experience includes: international relations, education, pedagogy, linguistics, beauty/cosmetics, business, culture, cooking/culinary and government.  Available for Japanese-English translation projects, as well as consecutive interpreting, whispering, meeting interpretation, on-site interpretation and escort interpretation.  Currently work as a translator and copy manager for Shiseido Co., Ltd. in the International Marketing Department and also as a freelance translator, interpreter and writer.

Graves, Jamie (Shizuoka-ken, Tenryu-shi, 2002-03)- Wide range of translation experience, including turning marketing copy into natural, appealing English, specialized technical writing, and fiction. Extensive background in Japanese cuisine, including two years cooking experience at restaurants in Japan. Japanese Proficiency Test Level 1 (2006).

Smith, Stacy (CIR Kumamoto-ken, 2000-03) – Translation experience in a variety of fields, from short stories, plays and documentaries to business plans, economic articles and legal documents. Serves as contract interpreter for the State Department and provides tours for Japanese visitors to Yankees Stadium. Proficiency Test Level 1 and JETRO Business Test Level 2. Volunteer interpreter at 2002 Ishigaki World Cup Triathlon and on Peace Boat (Summer 2007)

Dechant, Joel (CIR Fukuoka-ken, Makizono-cho, 2001-04) – Fukuoka-based translation and interpreting consultant. Fields include higher education, government policy, marketing, tourism, and more. Large jobs are no problem with my global network of freelancer and agency contacts. Japanese Language Proficiency Test Level 1 and JETRO Business Test Level J1+. Kirishima (Kagoshima) Tourism Ambassador and Beppu Hot Spring Master to boot! (Proof:

Ishikawa, Junko (New York) – Originally from Tokyo, Junko is an accomplished interpreter as well as a seasoned Japanese-English translator and linguistic consultant with experience having worked for various organizations, including NGOs (Peace boat and Human Right Watch). In addition to being a Certified Nihongo Instructor and teaching various business professionals in New York, she also handles freelance English->Japanese translation assignments, freelance writing/journalism assignments, serves as a media business consultant for Stock Footage World and does research for

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