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Job: Teacher of Japanese Language and Literature – Nagoya International School (Nagoya, Japan)

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Position: Teacher of Japanese Language and Literature 
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Nagoya International School
Location: Nagoya, Japan
Contract: Part/Full Time

Thank you to our friends at the American Association of Teachers of Japanese for this Job Posting.

We are an international school located in Nagoya, Japan. We seek a teacher with the ability to help students come to know the beauty of the Japanese language not as an academic study, but as a window into understanding ourselves and our world. We seek to cultivate classrooms in which students learn not only to answer questions, but to question answers, and we need teachers who want to work alongside students toward the shared goal of ever-deeper learning.

As a small school, teachers in the department teach across a range of grades. Candidates should be comfortable with a schedule including multiple courses across multiple grade levels, with varied levels within each class, and the ability to teach language and literature to the highest level (IB Diploma HL).

NIS is an inclusive school serving a varied array of learners and the position will suit teachers who thrive in diverse classrooms and professional, highly collaborative cultures.

Note this is a part-time position (50%). However full-time may be considered if this is the request of the candidate.

Applicants should consider applying based on the below requirements:


  • BA Degree in Japanese Language and Literature or equivalent (note this is not Japanese as a foreign language, but Japanese as a ‘home’ language)
  • A teaching certification, preferably as a teacher or Japanese Language and Literature in a secondary school
  • Business-level English skills
  • At least five years’ experience as a full-time teacher in an international or national school offering programs like NIS
  • A commitment to collaborating with colleagues to make learning connected and meaningful
  • A commitment to diversity, equity, inclusion, and justice in education and to serving a diverse array of learners
  • A passion in holistic education and as much interest in being a teacher of students’ well-being (advisory/homeroom) as much as a teacher of concepts, skills, and content
  • The ability to provide/consent to clear police/background and medical checks


  • Experience with one or more of the IBMYP and IBDP
  • Experience as a workshop leader, examiner, or similar in the MYP and/or DP
  • Master’s degree or higher in language teaching and/or education

APPLICATION PROCESS: For the details, please visit our website. Interested candidates should submit a resume and a cover letter to: jobs@nis.ac.jp

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