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Job: Part-Time Marketing Teacher – Kanda Institute of Foreign Languages (Tokyo, Japan)

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Position: Part-Time Marketing Teacher
Posted by:
Kanda Institute of Foreign Languages
Location: Tokyo, Japan
Contract: Part Time

Kanda Institute of Foreign Languages (KIFL) has a long history and tradition as a language vocational school. Kanda University of International Studies (KUIS) is our sister school located in Chiba. In addition to language skills, students aim to acquire specialized skills, qualification tests, and cross-cultural communication skills. After graduation, students further their education by transferring to a university, such KUIS, or studying abroad. Other students choose to pursue a career by seeking employment.

At KIFL, we are looking for teachers and professionals who can develop human resources with a wide range of education and perspectives, as well as specialized knowledge and skills.

About the Position:

Hiring date : 2024/04/01
Starting date : 2024/04/12

Subject name: Marketing 1 and Marketing 2

  • As a general rule, these classes are conducted in English.
  • The day and time of the class will be decided after consultation. Marketing 1 is once per week course (90-minute = 1 class). Marketing 2 is also a once per week course (90-minute = 1 class)

As a specialized subject of the Entrepreneurship Course in the Global Communication Program, we are looking for one part-time lecturer who can take charge of the Marketing Course in the first semester (from April) and the second semester (from September) for both first (Marketing 1) and second (Marketing2) year classes.

Introduce the fundamentals of marketing. and how customer value creates an effective marketing strategy. In addition, this course studies the interrelated business activities designed to plan, price, promote and distribute want-satisfying products and services to present and potential customers. The course incorporates current developments in marketing to acquaint students with the present-day challenges of marketing as well.

We are also looking for a teacher who has either a higher educational background in marketing and or years of experience working in the marketing field.

* Workshops and faculty meetings are held several times a year (Usually lasting 1-2 hours)
Classes are conducted fully in-person in a classroom at the school.
1st period 9: 20-10: 55
2nd period 11: 05-12: 40
3rd period 13: 40-15: 15
4th period 15: 25-17: 00
* 1 class period is 45 minutes (5-minute break) 45 minutes = 90 minutes
Working hours :09:20-17:00
Break time :12:40-13:40
Holidays : 2 classes per week during 1st and 2nd semestersOnly 1 person is needed to teach these two marketing classes.

Requirements: Bachelor’s degree or higher. Those who have a bachelor’s degree or higher in marketing will be prioritized. Those with experience working in the marketing field will be prioritized.

* No teacher license required
* Teaching experience, although preferred, is not a requirement (We ask for a sample class lesson at the time of the interview.)
* The retirement age of our school is 65 years old.

Pay increase system: available
Transportation expenses: available
Retirement age: 65

Application Deadline: 3/31/2024

How to apply:
1. Resume (affixed with photo, address, telephone number and e-mail address) 
2. Work history
3.Copy of the University diploma or higher
4. If you have any other qualifications related to the subject, please include copies
5.Email to:
Anthony Madden
Global Communication Program

* All documents should be attached by e-mail at the time of application. In principle, we will notify you of the results and contact you by e-mail.
* In principle, the application documents will not be returned, so please send us a copy of the various certificates.
Applicants will be closed as soon as a suitable candidate is found.
We will dispose of all application documents responsibly.

As a result of the document screening, only successful applicants will be notified of interviews and sample lessons by e-mail or telephone.

Please be prepared to give a 30-minute sample lesson on the day of the first interview. We will contact interviewees within ten days following the interview.

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