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Job: Learning Success Manager – NEI (Remote, Asia or Europe)

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Position: Learning Success Manager
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Location: Remote (Permanently based in Asia or equivalent time zone)
Contract: Full Time

Thank you to our friends at the American Association of Teachers of Japanese for this Job Posting.

About NEI
NEI’s technology uses AI to create individually-tailored learning pathways for professionals delivered through TESL-certified teachers.

NEI has our own proprietary learning management system, video conferencing platform, and personalizing AI assistant. Our recommender engine uses collaborative filters, student ratings, and a database with millions of potential matches across the spectrum of professions and interests to achieve optimum assignments and discussion topics for each learner. Most of our subscribers are highly motivated working professionals whose companies sponsor their language training. Our clients are concentrated in pharmaceuticals, IT, and finance, most of them in Japan.

NEI originated in Seattle and is now headquartered in Kobe, Japan. More at: NE.Institute and NEI-japan.com

About the Learning Success Manager Role:
At NEI, each Learning Success Manager (LSM) oversees a subset of 250-300 subscribers — a “Mini Institute.” The role provides each subscriber a consistent personal relationship at NEI. These subscribers meet with other NEI teachers weekly for 1:1s. As head of your own online Mini Institute, you build rapport with the subscribers in your charge and monitor each subscriber’s experience to ensure that it follows their learning plan. You are a cheerleader, coach, and ally helping them maintain progress toward their learning goals. This position involves 40% of time meeting with students to discuss their learning plan, ongoing progress assessments, and Target Score goals. The remaining time is divided approximately equally between these activities:

  • Student Success Monitoring: Use system reporting to monitor metrics for student success, including
  • Ensuring the timely delivery of automated assessments
  • Maintaining sufficient assignments and discussion topics on the account
  • Account Management:
  • Ensuring subscriber retention through engagement and renewal coaxing
  • Conducting TRY FREE consultations introducing the NEI program


  • Highly organized and process-oriented
  • Basic Excel skills
  • 3 or more years teaching English as a second language to adults
  • TESL degree or TESL certificate
  • Native proficiency of North American English*
  • Digital native equivalency
  • Sales or customer service experience
  • Strong team player
  • Location
    • Permanently based in Europe or MENA or equivalent time zone
      • Willing to work Sunday through Thursday 9:00 – 17:00 CET/UTC+1
    • OR
    • Permanently based in Asia or equivalent time zone
      • Willing to work Wednesday through Sunday 7:00-15:00 JST/UTC+9


  • Experience managing a language school and/or supervisory role
  • Training in ESL assessments

Application Process: Please send the following to recruiting@NE.Institute:

  • Your resume
    • A ~3-minute video self-introduction telling us:
    • About a student who you coached to continue their English learning and how you inspired them to stay focused on their goal
    • Why you feel comfortable talking with students both about their learning plan and about renewing their subscription
    • Where you live, how long you have lived there, and why this will be your home for the next several years at least
  • (Your video can be a link or an attachment and doesn’t have to be fancy or edited!)
  • your email’s SUBJECT LINE should say: LSM APPLICATION FROM {your name}

*We recognize that accents and use of English vary from region to region. NEI teaches only standard North American pronunciation, spelling, and phrasing. No matter how much training or experience you have as a teacher, we can only consider teacher candidates who fit our niche.

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