Sep 12

Posted by Tom Baker

JET alum and novelist Charles Kowalski will give a presentation on worldbuilding in fiction at this year’s Japan Writer’s Conference. The conference, which is free, will take place in Nagoya on Oct. 14-15.

Here’s the official description of his talk:

Charles Kowalski
The Worldbuilder’s Toolbox
Short Lecture with Q&A

Creating an entirely new world is such a daunting task that even gods have been known to wash away their mistakes and start over. Fortunately, we mortals now have tools at our disposal that make some aspects of the worldbuilder’s craft almost as easy as saying, “Let there be light!” This workshop will introduce basic techniques, handy reference books, and online tools to help with the “Four L’s” of worldbuilding: Lore (creating foundational myths and stories), Land (mapping your world), Life (designing cultures and creatures), and Language (giving your world a distinctive sound, whether you want a simple naming language or Tolkien-level complexity).

Charles Kowalski is the author of the award-winning thriller MIND VIRUS, the political/espionage thriller THE DEVIL’S SON, the historical fantasy SIMON GREY AND THE MARCH OF A HUNDRED GHOSTS, and several short stories. When not writing, he teaches at the Department of Cultural and Social Studies at Tokai University.

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