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Job: Assistant Manager, Sales and Marketing – East Japan Railway Company (Singapore)

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Position: Assistant Manager, Sales and Marketing
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East Japan Railway Company
Location: Singapore
Contract: Full-Time

Attached is an opportunity from a fellow JET alum in Singapore.

East Japan Railway Company, Singapore Branch, is a branch office of the well-known listed Japanese company, East Japan Railway Company (“the Head Office”) in Japan. The Head Office is primarily in the business of operating rail-based transportation as well as a wide range of businesses related to this rail-based transportation system. Our main aim is to support the Head Office’s business in Singapore and Southeast Asian countries, especially sales and promotion of Railway Passes and lifestyle businesses.


As a representative of JR East, you need the skills and experiences to work with business counterparts in the Southeast Asian markets.

JR EAST PASS and Other services Sales and Promotions

Promote JR East products and services (various types of railway passes and sightseeing trains, seat reservation services, life style businesses in Japan etc.) while collaborating with related persons,companies,associations both in Southeast Asia and Japan.

Handling events

Provide information and presentation during travel fairs and events (including handling event applications / preparations / logistics)

Design and writing

Create and design advertisement contents and articles for both offline and online media. (including writing articles on JR TIMES)


  • Negotiate with business partners to expand JR EAST PASS and other services.
  • Train the skill and knowledge of travel agency staff.
  • Handle the invoice and quotation and make the report documents.


  • With more than 3 years of professional experience.
  • Possess relevant experience in promotion and sales of Japanese services and products.
  • Must possess skills of making presentation both of online and offline.
  • Preferable to possess the ability of languages besides English.
  • Preferable to possess the ability of making design. (especially skill of Mac)
  • Have an ability to go to overseas business trip over one week.
  • Have a strong passion for and interest in Japan.
  • Bachelor’s degree or above in any discipline.

Application Process: For more information and to apply, please click here –  https://www.mycareersfuture.gov.sg/job/events/assistant-manager-east-japan-railway-company-singapore-branch-8fec04adbc3ef71b84f8046ce255e2c7?source=MCF&event=Search

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