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Job: Japanese Food Education Instructor – TABLE FOR TWO USA (San Diego, Boston and Washington, DC areas, USA)

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Position: Japanese Food Education Instructor, Wa-Shokuiku Project
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Location: San Diego, Boston and Washington, DC areas, USA
Contract: Hourly

Here’s a job shared by USJETAA:

The Wa-Shokuiku Project is an initiative from TABLE FOR TWO USA (*). Wa-Shokuiku combines the Japanese words “Washoku” which refers to Japanese food and “Shokuiku” food education. It is a series of classes on Japanese food and food culture for American elementary and middle school-age students.  Our goal for the Wa-Shokuiku program is that students will be equipped with practical knowledge and skills regarding healthy eating, Japanese foodways, and best practices.  The objectives are (1) to expand students’ palates by teaching how to prepare tasty and healthy dishes using washoku preparation techniques, (2) include discussion about nutrition, manners, respect toward food and simple relevant Japanese words, and (3) introduce food related concerns, such as obesity and waste while discussing do-able daily actions inspired by shokuiku. Our instructors and volunteers will implement and teach the Wa-Shokuiku curricula in designated schools. The instructors will help to introduce children to a cuisine and culture, which many are learning about for the first time. TABLE FOR TWO USA is seeking Wa-Shokuiku instructors in the San Diego, Boston and Washington, DC areas.

Please view these 2 videos of recent programs in New York City and Washington, D.C. to give you an idea of how the program is run. 

Instructor Responsibilities:  

  • Teach elementary or middle school-age participants from the curriculum provided by the Wa-Shokuiku Project, the basics of food and kitchen safety, food preparation, and making healthy food choices according to the highlighted objectives of each lesson. .
  • Supervise participants in ensuring proper hygiene, meal creation, and clean up. 
  • Supervise and communicate with teachers from host institutions and volunteers regularly.
  • Facilitate class discussions of concepts of Japanese cuisine and food education.
  • Shop for ingredients and equipment for each class as needed.  Basic equipment such as rice cooker, pots, cutting boards, knives, apron, bento boxes and bandanas will be provided by the Wa-Shokuiku Project. All expenses incurred for shopping will be reimbursed.
  • Maintain kit: periodically take inventory of equipment and communicate to Wa-Shokuiku coordinator if any items need replacing and or additional items are required.   
  • At the conclusion of each 7-week session check stock of basic ingredients and replenish. 
  • Coordinate with other key Wa-Shokuiku staff to gather information and data through provided surveys on the success of our program to identify areas of impact and improvement.

Skills/Experience Required:

  • Interest and comfort in working with children from diverse backgrounds.
  • Familiarity and knowledge of Japanese food and culture.
  • Comfortable speaking in front of children in English.
  • Ability to travel to class location either by personal vehicle or public transportation.
  • Willingness to be trained on Wa-Shokuiku curriculum, to work as a team with volunteers, and to adhere to program policies and team decisions.
  • Evaluate the student’s ability to comprehend, perform and retain practical techniques through provided survey. Report assessment in regular meetings/communications with staff.

Time Commitment and Compensation:

  • 3 hour minimum for training and orientation.
  • Approximately 4-5 hours for each lesson to include: shopping, class preparation, travel and class time, set-up and clean-up during program period duration. (Classes will average 60 to 90 minutes).
  • Commit to all weeks of the course or share the commitment with an approved colleague.
  • This is a paid position. Compensation will be discussed during an interview.  

Application Process: If you are interested in the opportunity, please email


* TABLE FOR TWO USA (TFT) is a 501(C)(3) organization that addresses the opposite issues of hunger and obesity through a unique “meal-sharing” program. TFT partners with corporations, restaurants, schools and other food establishments to serve healthy, low- calorie, TFT-branded meals. For each one of these healthy meals served, a small portion of the cost is donated to provide one school meal for a child in need. In this way, TFT has served healthy meals to both sides of the “table” and helped to right the global food imbalance. TFT started in Japan and now operates in 14 countries. As one of the most well-known NPOs in Japan which is noted for the longevity of its people, TFT promotes Japanese healthy eating culture as well to tackle the critical health issues. Learn more at:

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