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Job: English Press Release Writer – Kobe University (Kobe, Japan)

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Position: English Press Release Writer
Posted by:
Kobe University
Location: Kobe, Japan
Contract: Full-Time

Thanks to JET alumna, Eleanor Wyllie (Hokkaido-ken, 2013-2015) for passing along the following opening. I worked at Kobe University for four years in a similar role as my first job after JET. I’m no longer affiliated with the university, but I saw this on Facebook and thought it might suit former JETs looking to stay in Japan:

Kobe University is hiring an English-speaking writer for their PR team.

Job Description:

  1. Prepare, edit and release English press releases
  2. Media monitoring to measure the impact of English press releases
  3. Manage inquiries from overseas media
  4. Organise and teach English press release writing workshops for students, faculty and staff
  5. Write and edit feature articles
  6. Checking and editing English of translated articles
  7. Cooperate with creation of content for English-language social media
  8. Other activities related to public relations

Application Process: For more details and to apply, please click here: https://jrecin.jst.go.jp/seek/SeekJorDetail?fn=3&ln=1&id=D123020026&ln_jor=1&fbclid=IwAR0CiDcXtIhN7lpIdlhCBfffJV73ynkl2VwfSVQrfcZIg-KtIIFZRSMNohU

Application Deadline: Wednesday, February 15, 2023.

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