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Loren Greene (Osaka-fu, 2007-2010)

Accomplishment: Published two novels set in Japan

More Information: Loren wrote her first book, a story about a teen’s introduction to the Harajuku street fashion scene, during her second JET year. Titled ‘Meet You By Hachiko,’ she found the research and writing process a great way to learn more about Japan as well as pass the time when her students were on holidays between terms. After returning home post-JET, she continued to blog and write about Japan on her off-time to stay connected with her experience abroad, and started on a second novel while working in the travel industry.

‘Meet You By Hachiko’ launched in February 2020, a month before travel ground to a halt. The pandemic presented Loren with an opportunity to return to creative writing and devote more time to publishing: she completed her long-shelved second book, ‘Edokko,’ the story of a Canadian exchange student’s year in rural Kyushu. Both titles are now available in paperback and eBook format worldwide, under the imprint HachiPress, where Loren hopes to reach young readers interested in Japan.

Even after being away from teaching for a decade, writing about student life has become a nostalgic touchstone, and the nods in her books to those “only-in-Japan” experiences can be appreciated by any former JET.

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  • Michael T Cibenko Said on September 28th, 2021 at 2:37 pm:

    This is awesome! I was an ALT in Kumamoto from ’96-’99. (Seems like ancient times now.) I also recently got a novel published. It was inspired by some of the history of the region close to where I lived. I’ll be sure to check yours out.

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