Sep 9

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Position: Project Director, Digital Museum of the History
Posted by:
Digital Museum of the History of Japanese in New York
Location: Purchase, NY, USA
Contract: Part-Time
, Remote

Here’s a job passed along directly from the Japanese American Association of New York:

Digital Museum of the History of Japanese in New York is seeking a qualified individual for the position of Project Director. This role will be responsible for the continued expansion and maintenance of the museum’s collection, including collecting, organizing, and cataloguing new materials, along with managing the museum’s website and archive.

It will also seek out, build relationships with, and collaborate with various organizations and individuals who could contribute to the museum’s mission. It will furthermore be responsible for maintaining close communication with and providing regular updates to the museum’s board on the progress of collections, exhibits, and other museum projects. This position is part time and will be conducted remotely.

Application Process: For more information about the position and how to apply, please view the document below.

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