Jul 1

JFNY Literature Series Ep#4


JFNY Literary Series invites notable writers in Japanese literature and their translators to discuss their work, speak on the art of translation, and touch upon the current literary scene in Japan. 

This session features Hiroko Oyamada and her translator David Boyd, moderated by Kyoko YoshidaLucy North from the collective Strong Women, Soft Power and interpreter Bethan Jones also joins the session. Oyamada is an Akutagawa Prize-winning writer and the author of The Factory and The Hole, both of which were translated by Boyd. The Japan Foundation supported the English publications of The Hole through the Support Program for Translation and Publication on Japan

The event is now available to watch on our YouTube channel! Watch the event here: https://www.jfny.org/event/jfny-literary-series-hiroko-oyamada-x-david-boyd/ 

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