Aug 28

Job: Full-stack Developer – Tofugu (Remote)

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Job Title: Full-stack Developer
Posted by: Tofugu

Location: Remote
Contract: Full-time

Here’s a JET-relevant job passed along to us:

Tofugu is looking for a full-time full-stack developer to help maintain and build features for WaniKani (our kanji learning application) and Tofugu (our blog). “Full Stack” can mean a lot of things, but we are looking to hire someone who leans slightly towards the “front-end” spectrum of “full-stack,” has a high level of proficiency in Ruby and Ruby on Rails, and loves working in a team environment.

As a generalist, you have deep-but-not-as-deep experience with various front-end technologies and languages, and a working knowledge of how to make it appear as a working website on the internet. Your experience and abilities should be at a level where you can immediately make contributions and take ownership of projects.

Application Process:

Application Deadline: September 8, 2019

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