Mar 14

Job: Education Coordinator – Youth for Understanding USA (Naperville, IL, USA)

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Job Title: Education Coordinator
Posted by: Youth for Understanding USA
Location: Naperville, IL, USA
Contract: Full-Time

Here’s a JET-relevant summer opportunity passed along to us:

Youth for Understanding USA runs a yearly Japan Pre-Departure Orientation (JPDO) for American teenagers going abroad to Japan for the summer. We are currently looking for an individual to serve as the on-site 2019 JPDO Education Coordinator.

This individual would effectively review the orientation’s Japanese culture and language curriculum and train a small team of teachers on the curriculum through remote training calls and on-site staff training. Ideally, the Education Coordinator would have the following qualifications and availability:

  • Intermediate to advanced Japanese language proficiency
  • Teaching and/or training experience
  • Capacity to review YFU’s Japanese language and culture curriculum
  • Capacity to train a small team of teachers on this curriculum
  • Availability to work on curriculum review beginning mid-April 2019
  • Availability to be on-site in Naperville, Illinois from June 15-23, 2019

Full Job Description and Application Process: The full job description and compensation information is attached — 2019 Education Coordinator Job Description.


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