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The Story Pub: JET Alum’s new storytelling website wants your stories!

The Story Pub

Everyone has stories.
We believe those stories should be shared.
The Story Pub is a place to share those stories.

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Co-created by JET Alum Jay Schneider (Hyogo, ’97-’00), The Story Pub is a new website looking for real stories from real people, and we know JETs have lots of great stories to share! Whether your stories are about your adventures in Japan or elsewhere in the world, we want you to share your stories. The Story Pub accepts written stories on any topic at any time, but invites you to submit a story to our first Theme Challenge:

Theme Challenge: February 2019

Topic: New (that’s the topic–“new”)

Submission Deadline: Sunday, February 17, 2019 (11:59 PM SST)

Entries will be posted starting: February 19, 2019

Instructions: Think of a story from your own life which relates to the topic for the theme challenge. Write that story. Submit that story. Make sure when you do, you choose the correct Theme Challenge category. Wait for your story to be published.

What’s “New?”

How you interpret the topic is up to you, but it could be:

  • That time you started a new job, new relationship or new storytelling website
  • That time you traveled to a new place
  • When you moved to a new country, city, or just a new apartment
  • That time you decided to try something new and submit a story to that new storytelling website

Again, how you choose to relate your story is up to you, however if you have a great story, but aren’t really sure that it fits the theme, remember, The Story Pub accepts stories on any topic and any time.

Welcome to The Story Pub

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