Jan 25

“We Are Tomodachi”

Check out the latest “We Are Tomodachi” publication provided by the Office of the Prime Minister of Japan:

The theme of the 2019 Winter issue is “A Society with Health and Longevity.” In this issue, we showcase the initiatives and achievements taking place in Japan, which is facing the challenges of a super-aging society. We present a diverse line-up of articles including the breakthrough discovery of Nobel Laureate Dr. Tasuku Honjo, which has opened a doorway to new medical treatments for cancer; the advances in medicine achieved by a medical cluster created in Kobe; innovative solutions for hearing problems, which are inextricably tied with aging; and innovative approaches to health checkups and normalizing dementia in society. Other stories include product manufacturing technology for nature-friendly plastic; a cleaning project in Bangladesh carried out by a Japanese agency and the Dhaka people.

A Major Discovery to Help in the Fight Against Cancer

A Biomedical Cluster Taking Medicine to a New Stage

Unconventional Speakers Deliver More Than Words

Monitoring Health in Everyday Life

Restaurant of Mistaken Orders Brings Smiles

New Biodegradable Material Reduces Plastic Waste

A Milestone Project in Dhaka

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