Oct 19

Job: Translator – Jeenie (Remote)

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Job Title: Translator
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Contract: Part-Time

Here’s a part-time job sent directly from the company:

Jeenie is a mobile app that connects travelers on demand via video/audio with LIVE linguists who can help them with language and cultural issues (think “Uber” for languages). Linguists can sign up at absolutely no cost and then decide how much, how often and where they would like to work. It all takes place in cashless transactions, worldwide, 24/7, via smartphone. More information is at www.Jeenie.com.

We have significant opportunities for Japanese speakers to earn extra income right now, and we think JET alumni would be ideal candidates for providing services on our platform. They can work on their own schedule from home (or almost anywhere) and get paid for their valuable language skills. We would be delighted to welcome them to our community of Language Jeenies!

Attached is a soft copy of the flyer “Become a Jeenie Linguist”.

***If anyone does work with Jeenie, please contact us at <jetwit@jetwit.com> as we’d love to hear about your experience with them.***


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