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Job: Tutor – Topic-Time (Remote)

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Job Title: Tutor
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Contract: Full-Time

Here’s a job sent to us directly from the company:

An America based company hiring online tutors and teachers for Japanese students.

One of my very first teachers associated with the JET Program found it invaluable to work here in a small way to prepare for what was coming in Japan. I also think that this might be very helpful for JET Alumni re-acclimating themselves to their home country. Or like me, an older woman who looks back affectionately on my time in Japan and sees my conversations as a way to re-connect with the culture I know and appreciate so well.

This job pays $14 per 55 minute class completed and $7 per 25 minute class completed and is paid through PayPal on a weekly basis.

The tutors make their own schedule of when they would like to give classes.

The students choose which teacher they would like to have teach them.  <— This makes it difficult for me to predict if you will be popular or not but I have a vested interested in seeing you do your best and will help you as much as I can!

The job is “located” on Skype.

Preference is given to tutors who know a little about the Japanese language and/or culture.

I am looking to hire 15 more tutors.

MORE INFORMATION HERE:  https://www.topic-time.jp/beatutor.html

Our teaching philosophy: https://www.topic-time.jp/philosophy.html

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