Jun 18

Job: Program Assistant – Globalize DC (Washington, DC)

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Job Title: Program Assistant
Posted by:
Globalize DC
Washington, DC
Contract: Part-time

Here’s a part-time JET-relevant job opening shared with us:



Globalize DC is currently seeking a short-term Program Assistant to work with us during the DC part of our TOMODACHI exchange (July 14-26).

This summer, Globalize DC, in partnership with American Councils for International Education, will once again offer its TOMODACHI US-Japan Youth Exchange Program, a two-way cultural exchange program for DC and Japanese high school students. This will be the program’s 6th year, thanks to continued funding from the US-Japan Council’s TOMODACHI Initiative. This summer’s group of 6 DC and 6 Japanese students will spend two weeks in DC at the end of July, followed by two weeks in Tokyo and Tohoku, Japan during the first half of August. If you’re not familiar with the program, you can find a lot information at www.usjapanfuture.org.

The Program Assistant will provide back-up support to the Program Director during the two-week DC segment, including real-time program confirmations, scheduling adjustments, meal pickups, social media, and assorted tasks as needed during the course of the program. Our preference (but not an absolute requirement) is for a Japanese speaker for this position, who will also be able to offer some language assistance to those Japanese exchange students who may struggle with understanding or expressing themselves in English. This will be a paid position.

To learn more about the position and how to apply, click here. If you know anyone who might be interested, please pass this information along. It’s really fun and the kids are always great!

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