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Job: English & Drama Teaching – Teachplus (Remote)

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Job Title: English & Drama Teaching
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Contract: Part-time 

Here’s a job received directly from the company and their co-founder is JET alumni, Kira Conley:

Teachplus is hiring 20-30 new teachers! If you are interested in making some money teaching English online, look below for details. Our Headteacher, Kira Conley is from JET Alumni and we are pleased to provide the competitive online teaching opportunities for the JET community.


Teachplus is an international venture company that teaches Chinese and Japanese children in rural area English and Drama on an online platform. To give you an idea of what the classroom looks like, there is one online teacher (that would be you!) projected into a classroom of several (6-10) students. In the room is a teaching assistant to help with behavior and be your “hands” in the classroom.

Job Description

You would teach students aged 3-12. Class times run anywhere from 25 minutes to 1 hour. The majority of the lesson plans are provided but they allow flexibility within them for you to add activities and games relevant to the students’ level and what they need to practice more.


Classes are mostly in the afternoon to evening, Beijing time. You choose your times; you can teach 1 hour or multiple hours based on your schedule.

Pay: $22-30 USD/ hour (pay is 30-50% higher than the other similar online teaching jobs).


  • Native English Speaker
  • BA degree or higher
  • Acting background is highly valued: Drama, Musical, Theater
  • Teaching certification is preferred: state certifications, TESOL, TEFL, etc.
  • More than 2 years ESL teaching experience

Application Process: Submit your resume, profile picture and cover letter via email to get started!

Email: us.hr@qingchengedu.com

Website: http://qingchengedu.com/teacher/index.html

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