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Job: Dream Director – The Future Project (California, USA)

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Job Title: Dream Director
Posted by:
The Future Project 
Los Angeles, CA, USA
Contract: Full-time

Here’s a job received from my friend who works for the organization:


A Dream Director is a transformational leader who is assigned to one high school – and committed to unleashing the passion and purpose, curiosity and imagination, courage and grit of everyone in it. Dream Directors are entrepreneurs, coaches, organizers, educators and leaders.

For this role, we are looking for candidates who can quickly see the potential in any young person and adult and work rigorously to unleash it. They listen deeply, work with others to spark new ideas, and energize groups and communities to take action. They thrive in formal and informal settings, capable of identifying and connecting with decision-makers and individuals with influence. They are driven to improve, get results, compete, and innovate. They can adapt their approach when necessary, and appreciate opposition as an opportunity to learn, grow, or improve their strategy. They can manage multiple projects and teams simultaneously, break down complex problems into logical work, and adapt to chaos and circumstance. They see themselves as leaders of others – from forming a team of students and communicating a clear and compelling vision and mission, to fostering a high level of cooperation and collaboration among the many groups of adults in the building.  They are collaborative team players, eager to support their peers in pursuing their goals.

Application Process: If you’re interested in learning more and connecting with my friend, please email me at <ryan.jetwit@gmail.com>

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