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Job: EIKEN Speaking Test Examiner – EIKEN Foundation of Japan (Fort Lee, NJ USA)

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Job Title: EIKEN Speaking Test Examiner
Posted by:
EIKEN Foundation of Japan
Fort Lee, NJ USA

Here’s an urgent part-time job opening from Harumi Nakagawa for people who are looking to make some extra cash:

Job opening: EIKEN Speaking Test Examiner


Japanese Children’s Society has been organizing the biggest testing site abroad on behalf of EIKEN Japan. About one thousand examinees gather to take this English proficiency exam 3 times a year in the New York area. Those who pass the Written Test will then proceed to the Speaking Test. About 20 examiners are assigned to administer the speaking test at our NY area site each time. The speaking test is held on Sundays, three times a year. We are looking for successful new examiners throughout the year. Native English speakers who are familiar with Japanese culture are highly welcomed. Please register for the future opportunity to work with us.


  1. Native English Speaker (for Grade 3, Pre2, 2, Pre1 and 1)
    • Must be a native English speaker with a B.A. degree or higher.
  2. Japanese Examiner (for Grade 1) 1級日本人面接官
    1. Must be an English-Japanese bilingual speaker who has a certificate that shows a high level English proficiency equivalent to EIKEN Grade 1 or B.A./M.A. degree acquired in native English speaking countries.

Date : 3 times a year (February, July and November) *The next test will be on Sunday, February 18th.

Time : 8:00am-4:00pm

Location: New Jersey *We offer a pick-up bus service from the George Washington Bridge in Manhattan.

Compensation: starting from $240/day

(英語を母国語とする国の大学で学位を取得あるいは英語関連分野で修士以上の学位取得,あるいは英検1級レベルの英語力を証明できる日英バイリンガルの日本人) ★2/18(日)の試験に参加可能な方を急募しております。



  1. Please send your RESUME in Word or PDF format to EIKEN.nyikuei@gmail.com
  2. Then we’ll arrange an interview (A Skype interview is available).
  3. After passing the interview, you will need to take the EIKEN calibration test online.  It will take about 40 minutes to 1 hour for each grade.
  4. Upon successful completion of training, examiners are assigned about a month before each test as needed, depending on the grade(s) they have been trained to administer and the number of examinees.

*Registration as an EIKEN examiner does not guarantee regular assignment to test sites.

EIKEN | EIKEN Foundation of Japan
EIKEN(英語検定)is “Japan’s most widely administered English-language proficiency testing program, with more than 90 million examinees since 1963. The EIKEN tests, which assess all four skills and include a face-to-face speaking component, are backed by the Japanese education ministry and recognized at thousands of institutions in Japan and internationally.”

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