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Job: Translator – IFSA (Tokyo, Japan)

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Position: Translator
Posted by: IFSA
Location: Tokyo, Japan
Contract: Full-Time

Here’s a job sent to us from Shimizu-san from the International Foreign Students Association (IFSA):



英語ネイティブの方募集!/ English native speaker!


業界のリーディングカンパニー/Leading company of the industry



▼Company Profile

【Business】Manufacture and sale of automotive parts and machine parts. Leading company of the industry.

【Stock】Listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange

【Capital】About 67.1 billion yen

▼Job Overview

【Job Description】

As translation charge in the company, you are in charge of the  English translation duties of the Japanese document. A document to treat is a disclosure document for stockholders, compliance-related documents, other public information documents. You sometimes do support of a conference call with an overseas base and all kinds’ global meeting and making of minutes. Because you have opportunities to handle confidential information, you need to work with a high awareness of compliance.





【Required skills,experience】

  • English: Native level
  • Japanese: Business Level
  • Translation experience from Japanese to English.

【Welcome requirements】

  • Knowledge on management strategy, financial, and social trends.
  • Work experience at the manufacturer or the public institution.

【Work Location】Tokyo

【Annual income model】

Annual income: 400万~700万円/ 4 million – 7 million yen

Salary Details will be decided based on experience, ability, previous salary etc.

【Employee Application】

Non-regular employee for specialized duties

Contract renewal: 1 year ※If you do good work, you have a possibility that you become a regular member.

【Working hours】    08:30~17:15

How to apply: Please pre-entry from the following page. Then we will tell you details of this company.

※求人番号/Job offer number 171211

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