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Job: Sales Representative and Sales Assistant Roles – Okaya (USA), Inc (IL, IN, GA or NC)

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Position: Sales Representative and Sales Assistant Roles
Posted by: Okaya (USA), Inc
Location: Chicago (IL), Indianapolis (IN), Atlanta (GA), or Raleigh-Durham (NC)
Contract: Full-Time

Thanks to JET alum, Amir Bahrami (Fukushima-ken) for the following job listings with his company:

Okaya (USA), Inc. (, the US subsidiary of Okaya Kouki (, one of Japan’s oldest trading companies is currently looking for candidates to fill Sales Representative and Sales Assistant roles in several of our offices around the United States. Current openings are for our Chicago (IL), Indianapolis (IN), Atlanta (GA), and Raleigh-Durham (NC) branches. Candidates with medium to high Japanese proficiency are preferred (JLPT N1/2/3 or equivalent).

While experience working for or with Japanese companies is a plus, Okaya has previously hired JETs upon return to the US and currently employs 2 former JETs (including myself). Any familiarity to with the Japanese automotive industry, logistics, or accounting is a huge plus. While inside sales positions are available, outside sales representatives will be expected to travel significantly in their local area as we work with a diverse array of clients, supplying sourcing and logistical support for projects in the automotive field as well as other industries.

In the past, Okaya USA has typically used recruiters to make contact with prospective employees, but our current Vice-President would like to take a new approach to hiring this time and work with candidates directly. After resume submission and initial contact, interviews will be available at the 4 offices mentioned above as well as our Lexington, KY branch. Relocation support will be provided for successful candidates if needed.

Compensation will be based on experience and competitive within the industry. Full benefits are included as part of the standard compensation package for all full-time employees.

Please feel free to direct any questions or resume submissions to my work email account: ( After review, you can be expect to be contacted by HR staff from our headquarters or managers at the local branches. Before submission I will be glad to answer any questions you may have about our company and my experiences here as a fellow JET.

I joined Okaya USA last year after my return from 3 years of teaching in Fukushima-ken and have enjoyed my coworkers and working life immensely. I think that trading companies like Okaya offer returning JETs an excellent opportunity to quickly become involved in Japanese business, make use of their Japanese skills on a daily basis, and grow as a professional.

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