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Job: Inside Sales – SUS America, Inc. (Elk Grove Village, IL)

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Position: Inside Sales
Posted by: SUS America, Inc.
Location: Elk Grove Village, IL (Chicago)
Contract: Full-Time

Thanks to JET alumna, Julia Mace (Kagawa-ken) for the following job opening with her company:


Coordinate with the Sales Team to write quotes, process purchase orders, confirm inventory, and schedule product shipping. This is a position that requires attention to detail and the ability to follow established procedures. Negotiation skills are also required when scheduling with shipping companies and coordinating deliveries with customers.

About The Company

SUS America, Inc. is a a branch of SUS Corporation, a cornerstone in the automation industry in Japan and Southeast Asia. We provide solutions to factories and work floors to improve ergonomics, safety, and efficiency. The US office was opened in 2015 and is seeking new members who will continue to grow with our company. Wages are competitive and the benefits package is excellent. Visit to learn more about the company.

Application Process

For more information on this position, contact Julia Mace at

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