Nov 13

JET Prefecture Round up 13.11.17

By Suzanne Bhagan (Tottori Prefecture)



japanese train

All aboard!

Wine Train

When: 17 November

Where: Ōmi-Hachiman Station, Shiga Prefecture

Join ShigaAJET for round two of the Omi-Tetsudo booze train extravaganza! The wine train will leave the station for a 2-hour nomihoudai with 6 delicious wines from across Italy and France.


Sports Day Night Cup

When: 18 November
Where: Oita Prefecture

Oita AJET welcomes you to a night of games and challenges and the glory of winning the Night Cup!

Japanese city

Beautiful Hakodate


Hakodate Takeover

When: 18 November

Where: Hakodate, Hokkaido

Join Aomori AJET after SDC exploring the beautiful city of Hakodate.


Mt. Kajigamori Day Hike

When: 18 November

Where: Otoyo-cho, Kochi-ken

Catch the fall colors on a day hike on Mt. Kajigamori and then spend a relaxing evening at Star Lodge Kajigamori!


hot spring town in japan

Get your kit off at Arima onsen

Naked and A-Bathed: Arima Onsen Day Trip

When: 18 November

Where: Kobe, Hyogo Prefecture

KAJET welcomes fellow JETs to steam in the nude and wash away your troubles at Arima onsen. Don’t forget your towel!


2017 Shikoku Field Day

When: 18 -19 November

Where: Mima, Tokushima Prefecture

Shikoku Field Day is ready to kick-off with its tradition of silly games, outdoor fun, and getting to know other fellow JETs from all around Shikoku! After the games, enjoy a BBQ and help raise money for a good cause.


ShizAJET Regional Potluck Party

When: 18 November- 2 December

Where: Hamamatsu, Shimizu, Mishima, Shizuoka Prefecture

ShizAJET will be having separate potluck parties in 3 locations: Seibu, Chubu, and Tobu. Bring food to share for all.


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