Jul 26

Job: Translation Coordinator – International Foreign Students Association (Osaka, Japan)

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Position: Translation Coordinator
Posted by: International Foreign Students Association (IFSA)
Location: Osaka, Japan
Contract: Full-Time

Here’s a job received from International Foreign Students Association (IFSA): http://ifsa.jp/index.php?K1707

Company Profile

Business: Offshore data production, catalog / manual translation, system development / tool development, etc.
Capital: 20 million yen

Job Overview

Job Category: Translation coordinator
Required Careers and Skills:

  • American English Native
  • Japanese (N1)
  • Translation experience
  • University graduation
  • Basic skills of Excel, Word

Conditions: Full-time
Location: Osaka
Annual Income: 3.5 million yen – 5 million yen

How to apply

Send email to “Shimizu” of IFSA at kokusai@ifsa.jp

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