Feb 17

Job: Translator — Square Enix (Tokyo)

Via Eden Law, JETAA Oceania. Posted by Mia Nakaji Monnier (Prospective JET, 2015-2016), freelance writer and Online Editor of The Rafu Shimpo, a Japanese American daily newspaper based in Los Angeles. Click here to join the JETwit Jobs Google Group and receive job listings even sooner by email.

Position: Translator
Posted by: Square Enix
Location: Tokyo

Originally posted to JETAA Oceania by Eden Law (with wonderfully colorful context):

“So if you’re in Japan and/or want to work there, and your Japanese skillz are like mad 133t and shit, perhaps working as a translator for Square Enix might be a choice? We already have one former Aussie JET from Canberra working there, and they recently advertised at the JET Leaver’s Conference, so looks like they’re pretty interested in JET people too.

And yes, the following ad is in Japanese, so you best step up to the plate (what is that, a baseball reference?).”


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