May 31

JETwit Job Hunter Support Project

Autumn Widdoes (Okinawa-ken 2010-2014), a writer with a focus on performance and film, will soon return to the job market.  She’d like to put her four years of experience in Japan to good use in future employment.

Hi everyone!

We’re starting an innovative new feature on JETwit to help job-hunting JETs and JET alums with their job searches. We want to post stories and experiences of the post-JET job search in ways that can be helpful to both the profiled job-seeker and to JET/alum readers. If you’d like to have your profile considered, please submit the following information using the Google Form at this link:

FYI, here are the questions being asked on the Google Form:

1. What kind(s) of job(s) are you looking for, and where?
2. What have you do so far in terms of job searching?
3. What have been some of the challenges? What have you found that was positive?
4. What’s the most important thing you’ve learned along the way so far?
5. What would be most helpful for you at this point to help you get a job?
6. Optional:  Link(s) to your online resume/CV/LinkedIn profile and/or website/blog.

We’ll periodically post your stories and hopefully this will be helpful to readers and enable others in the JET alum community to help you.

If you have any questions or problems with the Google Form, please email Autumn Widdoes at jetwitjobhunter [at]



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