Apr 26

JETAA UK Careers Seminar May 20 with Ex-JET British Consul General Western Japan and Japan Related Companies

Posted by blogger and podcaster Jon Dao (Toyama-ken, 2009-12)Click here to join the JETwit Jobs Google Group and receive job listings even sooner by email.

[Steve’s Note: Not a job listing, but part of an ongoing effort by JETAA UK to help with the job search for those in the UK.

Note on US-UK translation: “JET alum” in the US = “Ex-JET” in the UK. I’ve been told that using the word “alumni” in the UK is associated more with universities and sounds strange in the context of something like the JET Program(me). Well, as the Japanese saying goes, “Ten people. Ten colo(u)rs.” ;-]



Looking for UK-Japan related careers? Or to build your network in the Japan-UK business world?
Sign up to the next in the series of Japan-UK Careers seminars May 20th, Robert Walters, London. Special Guest Speaker ex-JET Michael Shearer OBE British Consul General Western Japan will speak about his work after the Great East Earthquake that earned him an OBE. Other speakers include: Bloomberg, Mitsubishi Corporation, Daiwa Securities, Robert Walters, Chikara no moto, Tazaki Foods and Greenback Alla.
Sign ups and more infomation  though this link
We are always looking for more ways to engage professionally within JETAA UK. If you are interested in organising professional networking events in your area or share any suitable event with our members, please contact careers @ jetaa.org.uk

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